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Meet our amazing team here at Driving Schools Locally

John Reynolds – Emergency Plumbing Technician:

With over a decade of experience in emergency plumbing, John is our go-to technician for quickly diagnosing and resolving urgent plumbing issues. His expertise in handling burst pipes, severe leaks, and other emergencies ensures that our clients receive swift and effective solutions.

Emma Martinez – Plumbing Service Manager:

As our Plumbing Service Manager, Emma oversees the day-to-day operations of our emergency plumbing team. With exceptional organizational skills and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Emma ensures that our emergency response efforts are coordinated seamlessly, providing efficient and reliable services.

David Turner – Plumbing Estimator:

David, our Plumbing Estimator, brings a keen eye for detail to the team. Specializing in assessing the scope of plumbing projects, he collaborates with clients to provide accurate cost estimates and ensures transparency in pricing for emergency plumbing services.

Sophie Patel – Plumbing Inspector:

Sophie plays a crucial role in maintaining quality and compliance. As our Plumbing Inspector, she ensures that emergency repairs meet regulatory standards. Sophie’s thorough inspections and attention to detail guarantee that our work exceeds industry requirements.

Alex Johnson – Customer Relations Specialist:

Alex is the friendly voice you’ll often hear when contacting us. As our Customer Relations Specialist, Alex ensures clear communication between our team and clients. Whether scheduling emergency appointments or addressing inquiries, Alex is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and support.


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